Table 3.

Effect of the last systemic therapy on the success rate of the initial TL outgrowth and TIL/fragment

CategoryNumber of samplesSamples with >40 × 106 TILPa (versus no previous therapy)Mean TIL/fragment (×106)Pb (versus no previous therapy)
Prior systemic therapy
 No6949 (71)c15.82
 Yes15790 (57)0.0611.530.02
Last systemic therapy anytime before resection
 IL-22617 (65)0.6212.490.58
 Other Immunotherapy4730 (63)0.4317.800.55
 Biochemotherapy3213 (41)0.0035.960.003
 Chemotherapy4829 (60)0.249.430.05
 Targeted41 (25)
Impact of timing of last systemic therapy
 Day 0–304320 (47)0.027.480.004
 Day 31–603821 (55)0.1411.620.06
 Day 61–902012 (60)0.429.120.15
 >90 days5637 (66)0.5715.440.60
Therapy within 0–30 days
 IL-274 (57)0.437.360.30
 Other Immunotherapy52 (40)
 Biochemotherapy91 (11)0.00093.270.006
 Chemotherapy1913 (68)
 Targeted30 (0)0.0300.03
  • aFisher's exact test was used. P values below 0.05 are in bold.

  • bWilcoxon rank-sum test or Kruskal–Wallis test was used.

  • cNumbers in parentheses indicate percentage successful TIL growers based on total number in that group shown in the Number of samples column.