Table 3

Survival in CRCa patients in this study as related to tumor stage and recurrence

Patients in this study that died of CRC survived 22 ± 17 months whereas those that survived >5 years were followed or lived 147 ± 45 months. All of the deaths in patients living ≤ 5 years were cancer-related (i.e., local recurrences, growth of primary tumor, resistance to therapy, metastases, or new primary cancers). Clinical follow-up information was available for 30 of 33 total cancer cases evaluated in this study. These 30 cases are represented in this table. See “Materials and Methods” for pathological staging.

SurvivalStage 0 (n) (%)Stage I (n) (%)Stage II (n) (%)Stage III (n) (%)Stage IV (n) (%)
Living > 5 years3/3 (100%)5/5 (100%)7/8 (87.5%)3/10 (30%)
Living ≤ 5 years1/8 (12.5%)7/10 (70%)4/4 (100%)
  • a CRC, colorectal cancer.