Table 1

Patient characteristics and origin of local recurrence

Patient no.GenderAge (yrs)SiteTNMaRTDysplasiabInterval (mo)
1F50Mobile tongue, LT1N0NMild10
2M75Mobile tongue, RT1N0NMild9
3M46Mobile tongue, LT2N2BYNo6
4F52Floor of mouth, AntT2N0NNo6
5M65Floor of mouth, LT1N0NMildc25
6F67Base of tongue, LT2N1YNo9
7M74Proc alv sup, RT2N0NMild10
8M81Mobile tongue, LT2N0NSevere30
9M72Base of tongue, RT3N2BNdNo5
10F83Mobile tongue, LT1N0NNo7
11F86Mobile tongue, RT1N0NMild29
12F64Floor of mouth, AntT4N2CYNo11
13M44Floor of mouth, RT3N1NNo15
  • a TNM, tumor-node-metastasis; RT, treated with postoperative radiotherapy; Interval, time to local recurrence; L, left; R, right; Ant, anterior; Proc alv sup, processus alveolaris superior.

  • b The grade of dysplasia indicated corresponds to the margin that was considered to contain the tumor-related field. When other margins showed a higher grade, it was indicated separately.

  • c Margin A (see Fig. 1<$REFLINK> <$REFLINK> ) was graded as moderate dysplasia. However, the genetic profile of the mild dysplastic lesion of margin E showing more concordance is shown.

  • d Patient refused postoperative radiotherapy.