Table 1

Relationship between N- and E-cadherin expression and clinicopathological factors

ParametersN-cadherin expressionE-cadherin expression
UICCb classification
 Tumor extent (pT)0.9620.758
  1 or 23214
 Node involvement (pN)0.9360.398
 Distant metastasis (pM)0.1930.584
 Histological grading (G)0.0430.193
  Stage I or II7557
  Stage III or IV108513
Other tumor characteristicsc
 Tumor size0.7780.862
  ≤2 cm2112
  2<, ≤4 cm8558
  >4 cm77410
 Lymphatic invasion0.5580.283
 Venous invasion0.0980.429
 Nerve invasion (intrapancreatic)0.0080.760
 Nerve invasion (extrapancreatic)0.2690.121
  • a P was calculated by χ2 test or Fisher’s exact test.

  • b UICC, Unio Internationale Contra Cancrum.

  • c Japan Pancreas Society classification.