Table 1

Clinical, pathological, genetic, and imaging features

Number of patients40
Age at diagnosis, median (range)40 (24–82)
Sex (M/F)21/19
 Grade II12/40
 Grade II-III13/40
 Grade III15/40
 Calcification detected12/37 b
1p LOH a21/40
19q LOH23/37 b
1p and 19q LOH18/38 b
1p and 19q intact13/37 b
 Contrast enhancement present20/37 b
 Indistinct tumor border (T1)28/40
 Indistinct tumor border (T2)23/40
 Heterogeneous tumor signal (T1-T2)28/40
 Susceptibility effect present15/40
 Cortex involvement, median (range)83% (39–100%)
  • a LOH, loss of heterozygosity.

  • b Denominator <40 denotes missing or ambiguous data.