Table 4

Relative drug resistance of HEK293T cells transfected with MRP1 and its splice variants

Relative resistance factor was obtained by dividing the IC50 of full-length MRP1-EGFP or MRP1 splice variants-EGFP fusion protein-transfected cells by the IC50 of EGFP only-transfected cells. The values shown represent the mean ± SD determined from three independent experiments.

TransfectionRelative resistance factor
EGFPa only1
Full-length MRP1-EGFP6.9 ± 2.5
MRP1-2k-EGFP4.2 ± 2.4
MRP1-d17d18-EGFP3.6 ± 2.7
MRP1-d5d30-EGFP3.7 ± 3.9
  • a EGFP, enhanced green fluorescent protein.