Table 1

Incidence and pathology of tumors produced by 253J B-V cells injected into the bladders of nude mice after treatment with gefitinib or vehicle

Number of palpable tumorsTumor size ± SDaTumor weight ± SDMean time until animal culled (days)Incidence of lung metastasis in animals with bladder tumorsBrdUrdb labelling index ± SDApoptotic index ± SD
Vehicle control8/101127 ± 363 mm30.67 ± 0.1 g502/823.5 ± 4.11.1 ± 0.3
Gefitinib 150 mg/kg2/102.3 ± 1.2 mm2<0.04 gAll healthy at 63 days0/28.0 ± 2.0c3.2 ± 1.6d
  • a Average tumor size for the control group has been expressed as volume (mm3) of tumor as measured on autopsy. Average tumor size for the Gefitinib-treated group has been expressed as the average surface area (mm2) of stained tumor cell remnants (three fields) by microscopy.

  • b BrdUrd, bromodeoxyuridine.

  • c Significantly less than vehicle control group (P < 0.0001, Student’s t test).

  • d Significantly more than vehicle control group (P = 0.0008, Welch’s corrected t test).