Table 3

Meta-analysis results for the 13 prognostic markers, grouped by tumor marker class, for overall survival and disease-free survival together with the number of prognosis papers identified overall and the number of estimates of the log (hazard ratio) and variance obtained for each outcome

Marker typeTumor marker (relationship with prognosis)No. prognosis papersOutcomeNo. estimates obtainedPooled hazard ratio95% Confidence intervalP
DNA or chromosome abnormalitiesMYCN (amplification poor outcome)DFSa464.283.34 to 5.49<0.0001
151OS485.484.30 to 6.97<0.0001
DNA index (diploidy poor outcome)DFS80.330.20 to 0.56<0.0001
44OS110.310.20 to 0.48<0.0001
Chromosome 1p (deletion poor outcome)DFS93.932.31 to 6.68<0.0001
40OS113.121.95 to 4.98<0.0001
Urinary catecholaminesVMA (elevated poor outcome)DFS1Not possibleNot possibleNot possible
36OS30.500.19 to 1.290.15
HVA (elevated poor outcome)DFS0Not possibleNot possibleNot possible
26OS21.140.65 to 1.980.65
VMA:HVA (small ratio (e.g. <1) poor outcome)DFS30.350.17 to 0.720.0043
20OS20.440.18 to 1.060.068
Dopamine (elevated poor outcome)DFS1Not possibleNot possibleNot possible
10OS1Not possibleNot possibleNot possible
Biological markersCD44 (high expression good outcome)DFS30.060.02 to 0.21<0.0001
8OS0Not possibleNot possibleNot possible
TrkA (high expression good outcome)DFS70.260.16 to 0.42<0.0001
16OS40.090.05 to 0.16<0.0001
NSE (high serum levels poor outcome)DFS55.562.11 to 14.70.0005
28OS45.223.12 to 8.73<0.0001
LDH (high serum levels poor outcome)DFS73.202.06 to 4.98<0.0001
26OS53.361.72 to 6.570.0004
Ferritin (high serum levels poor outcome)DFS44.262.42 to 7.53<0.0001
33OS32.741.92 to 3.91<0.0001
MRP (high expression poor outcome)DFS76.373.71 to 10.9<0.0001
16OS93.521.19 to 10.50.023
  • a DFS, disease-free survival; OS, overall survival.