Table 2

DLTs in the first course at each dose level

Docetaxel mg/m272-h flavopiridol mg/m2/d1-h flavopiridol mg/m2No. of patientsNo. of patients with DLTDLTs
605022Neutropenia and hypotension*
602832Neutropenia and hypotension*
  • * Patients (n = 4) required a dose reduction of docetaxel to 45 mg/m2 in subsequent cycles.

  • One patient had grade 4 neutropenia and grade 4 hypotension during cycle 2.

  • One patient was unable to complete the third dose of flavopiridol because of grade 3 hypotension.

  • § The patient who received 34 mg/m2 of flavopiridol was treated during cycle 3 with 20 mg/m2.