Table 1

Clinicopathological characteristics of study cases

Clinicopathological characteristicS1 study sectionsS2, S3, S4, G1, and perlecan studies
Median (range) age (yrs)
 Normal ovary56 (55–79)56 ( 55–79)
 Benign ovarian tumors56 (37–73)57 (37–73)
 Borderline ovarian tumors62 (20–77)62 (20–77)
 Epithelial ovarian carcinoma56 (23–80)59 (23–80)
Histological type (n)
 Normal ovary124
 Benign epithelial ovariantumor1010
 Borderline ovarian tumor1010
 Epithelial ovarian carcinoma11565
  Clear cell82
Tumor grade (n)
 Well differentiated1813
 Moderately differentiated2915
 Poorly differentiated5735
 Not known112
FIGO stage (n)
Residual disease (n)
 Minimal residual disease(<2 cm)4529
 Bulk disease6936
KP (n)
  • Abbreviations: S1 through -4, syndecan-1 through -4; G1, glypican-1; FIGO, International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians; KP, Karnowsky performance.