Table 2

Characteristics of 398 cancer patients

n (%)Time, mo (range)
 DCIS only31 (7.8)
 Invasive ductal carcinoma334 (83.9)
 Invasive lobular carcinoma33 (8.3)
Tumor grade (invasive types only)
 I87 (23.7)
 II143 (39.0)
 III118 (32.1)
 Unknown/cannot be assessed19 (5.2)
Lymph node status (invasive types only)
 Lymph node involvement118 (32.2)
 No lymph node involvement249 (67.8)
Estrogen receptor status (invasive types only)
 Positive263 (71.7)
 Negative97 (26.4)
 Unavailable7 (1.9)
Disease progression at end of recruitment
 Local recurrence only29
 Metastatic disease58
 New primary breast tumors12
 New primary tumors (not breast)2
Median time
 From diagnosis to local recurrence43 (2–205)
 From diagnosis to metastases35 (0–205)
 From diagnosis to death65 (1–221)
 Disease-free interval60 (0–346)