Table 7

VDR genotypes of commonly used breast cancer cell lines

Breast cancer cell lineOriginEthnic origin of patientGenotype
MCF7Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianbb FF LL
MDA 361Brain metastasesCaucasianbb FF LL
ZR75–30Malignant ascitic effusionNegroidbb FF LL
MDA 231Pleural effusionCaucasianbb FF LL
HBL100From milk of a nursing mother, tumorigenicCaucasianbb FF LL
MDA 134Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianbb Ff LL
MDA 175Metastatic pleural effusionNegroidbb Ff LL
PMC42UnknownUnknownbb Ff LL
MDA 330Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianbb Ff LL
SKBR3Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianbb Ff LL
MDA 157Metastatic pleural effusionNegroidbb ff LL
MDA 468Metastatic pleural effusionNegroidbb ff LL
ZR75–1Malignant ascitic effusionCaucasianbb ff LL
BT20Breast carcinomaCaucasianbb ff LL
BT474Invasive ductal breast carcinomaCaucasianBb FF LS
HMT 3552Benign breast tumorUnknownBb Ff LS
T47DMetastatic pleural effusionUnknownBb Ff LS
MDA 453Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianBb Ff LS
SKBR5UnknownUnknownBb Ff LS
CAMA1Metastatic pleural effusionCaucasianBb Ff SS
GI 101Invasive ductal carcinomaUnknownBb Ff SS
SKBR7UnknownUnknownBB Ff SS
CAZ51UnknownUnknownBB FF SS
MDA 435Invasive ductal carcinomaCaucasianBB FF SS
Hs578TInvasive ductal breast carcinomaCaucasianBB FF SS