Table 1

Overlapping genes between this study and the study by Ma et al. compared with overlaps obtained by random permutation

ER+Common genesERBB2+
Down-regulated in normal/DCIS transition
 Random gene-set size150*150150
 No. of overlapping genes (99.9%)11 (13)11 (13)11 (13)
 Actual experiment324717
Up-regulated in normal/DCIS transition
 Random gene-set size7935110
 No. of overlapping genes (99.9%)9 (11)6 (7)11 (13)
 Actual experiment17923
  • NOTE. See Results section (ref. 15 ; Ma et al.).

  • * For genes down-regulated in the normal/DCIS transition, all three types of samples (ER+, ERBB2+, and common genes) contained a similar number of genes (164, 149 and 150). Thus, a random-set size of 150 genes was used in all three types of samples.

  • Numbers within parentheses indicate the maximum number of overlapping genes observed across 10,000 random sets.