Table 1

CCK mRNA measured with reverse transcription-PCR in tumor biopsies from seven patients with Ewing sarcoma (ES), from three patients with rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), and from one patient with desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRC)

PatientTime of the tumor biopsyFusions-protein in tumorCCK mRNA
ES119 days after diagnosisEWS(ex7)-FLI1(ex5)+
ES2At diagnosisEWS(ex7)-FLI1(ex8)+
ES3At diagnosisEWS(ex10)-FLI1(ex6)+
ES4At diagnosisEWS(ex7)-FLI1(ex5)+
ES5*At diagnosisEWS(ex7)-FLI1(ex6)+
ES5*9 months after successful therapyNot detected
ES6At diagnosisEWS-FLI1+
ES7At diagnosisEWS(ex7)-FLI1(ex5)+
DSRC1At diagnosisEWS-WT1+
RMS1At diagnosisPAX3-FKHR
RMS2At diagnosisPAX3-FKHR
RMS3At diagnosisPAX3-FKHR
  • * Two samples from ES5 were available.

  • +, CCK mRNA detected in the tumor tissue; −, no CCK mRNA detected in the tumor tissue.

  • After successful chemotherapy, the tissue resected at the former tumor site contained fibrotic tissue but no longer contains tumor cells.