Table 2

Summary for expression and immunogenicity of KM-HN-1

Tissue typeKM-HN-1 expression (RT-PCR)* No. positive/no. testedAnti-KM-HN-1 antibody
Age meanAbsorbance ratioNo. positive/no. testedP value
Tumor tissuesCell linesMeanSDχ 2 testt-tes t§
Healthy donor631.490.330/16
Esophageal cancern.t.8/9594.022.286/6<0.01<0.01
Lung cancer (adeno)1/22/4642.260.724/7<0.01<0.01
Breast cancern.t.n.t.502.110.515/10<0.01<0.01
Gastric cancer1/12/2712.551.076/14<0.01<0.01
Biliary cancern.t.n.t.702.050.552/6<0.05<0.01
Pancreatic cancer1/12/2581.810.522/11>0.05>0.05
Colon cancern.t.2/2662.290.5812/21<0.01<0.01
  • Abbreviation: n.t., not tested.

  • * Expression levels of mRNA were analyzed by RT-PCR with oligonucleotides specific for KM-HN-1.

  • Antibody titer was determined with indirect ELISA with KM-HN-1-GST fusion protein.

  • The statistical significance of difference in ratios of sero-positive donors between cancer patients and healthy donors was assessed using a χ2 test. The cutoff value (2.15) is the mean plus two SD for healthy donors’ sera.

  • § The statistical significance of difference in distributions of Absorbance values between healthy donors and various types of cancer patients was compared by two-tailed Student’s t test.