Table 1

FGFR-4 genotype in prostate cancer patients and control groups

FGFR-4 genotype
Gly/Gly (%)Gly/Arg (%)Arg/Arg (%)P2)
White patients (n = 284)125 (44)117 (41)42 (15)0.005
White controls (n = 97)53 (55)40 (41)4 (4)
African-American patients (n = 45)37 (82)6 (13)2 (5)ND
African-American controls (n = 94)76 (81)18 (19)0
  • NOTE. FGFR-4 genotype was determined by PCR-RFLP as described in Materials and Methods. The number of patients or controls is indicated in parentheses, as is the percentage of patients or controls with the given genotype. The statistical significance of the differences in frequency of the Arg/Arg genotype versus the combined frequency of the Gly/Gly and Gly/Arg genotypes in patients versus controls was determined by Pearson’s χ2 test. ND indicates that statistical tests were not done because of the small number of patients with certain genotypes.