Table 2

List of the significantly dysregulated genes in IBC patients who had relapsed relative to IBC patients who did not relapse

GenesGene definitionGene characterisationIBC without relapse (n = 9)IBC with relapse (n = 27)P*ROC-AUC
MYCN N-myc oncogeneTranscription factor12.6 (0.4–144.4) 2.0 (0.2–85.6)0.0180.765
EREG EpiregulinGrowth factor34.9 (1.2–10744.5)14.7 (0.2–3507.7)0.0260.753
SHH Sonic hedgehog homologGrowth factor0.0 (0.0–4.7)2.1 (0.0–1099.1)0.0450.726
  • * Mann-Whitney’s U test.

  • Median (range) of gene mRNA levels.