Table 2

CEA and CK20 mRNA expression of tumors by quantitative RT-PCR

TumorCEA (%)CK20 (%)CEA and/or CK20 (%)
Gastric cancer cell lines*3/3 (100)3/3 (100)3/3 (100)
Primary gastric tumors27/29 (93)25/29 (86)28/29 (97)
Metastatic lymph nodes13/13 (100)10/13 (77)13/13 (100)
  • NOTE. Twenty-nine primary tumor samples and 13 histologically positive lymph nodes by H&E staining were obtained from patients with advanced gastric cancer.

  • * Three gastric cancer cell lines (MKN-45, OCUM-2M, OCUM-2M-D3) were used.

  • Number of CEA and CK20 positive tumor/total number of tumor.