Table 3

Muscle autoantibody frequency in 201 patients with thymoma or thymic carcinoma

PatientsMuscle AChR antibodies (%)Striational (%)Any muscle antibody (%)*
Clinical subgroupNo.BindingModulatingBlocking
MG only103100996176100
Other neurological disorder with MG23100§100§50§87§100§
Other neurological disorder without MG145057142964
No neurological diagnosis61304472159
  • * Prevalence of any muscle AChR or striational antibody in healthy age-similar control subjects is <2% (V. A. Lennon, unpublished observation).

  • No other neurological disorder. Includes four patients with pemphigus, one with lupus, one with idiopathic thrombocytopenia, and one with pure red cell aplasia.

  • Seroprevalence significantly higher than patients without MG; P < 0.0001.

  • § Seroprevalence significantly higher than neurological disorders without MG; P < 0.001.