Table 1

Variation of metastatic lesions in colorectal cancer patients analyzed in the primary tumor study

Primary tumorsNumber of patients
Metastasis (−)100
Metastasis (+)77
 Lymph node metastasis * only36
 Distant metastasis only21
  Liver + lung1
  Liver + dissemination1
 Lymph node * + distant metastasis 20
  Lymph node + liver13
  Lymph node + lung3
  Lymph node + dissemination2
  Lymph node + liver + lung2
  • * Matched lymph node metastases were confirmed by histological examination. The levels of PRL-3 expression in the matched lymph node metastases were also investigated.

  • Diagnosis was made pathologically in the cases with surgical resection of metastatic tumor and made on imaging in the cases without surgical treatment.