Table 5

Chromosomal localization by genetic linkage analysis of the gene encoding the minor H antigen recognized by CTL clones 2B3 (from patient 2) and 12B3 (from patient 6) in four Utah CEPH genetic reference families

MarkerLOD scoreGene *DescriptionChromosome 19 position
RPL13ARibosomal protein L13a54685357
AL080143Hypothetical protein55240969
AK131024Hypothetical protein55347618
POLD1Polymerase (DNA directed), delta 1, catalytic subunit 125 kDa55579407
SPIBSpi-B transcription factor55614027
LOC284361Hypothetical protein55671593
SCGFStem cell growth factor55918452
GPR32G protein-coupled receptor 3255965669
MGC13170Hypothetical protein55992772
AY429508Kallikrein 1 isoform 3 preproprotein56014216
KLK1Kallikrein 156016841
BT007253Kallikrein 1, renal/pancreas/salivary56014264
LOC90353Protein coding gene56293587
CD33CD33 antigen (gp67)56420178
AK090470FLJ00391 protein (Fragment)56421033
NKG7Protein coding gene56566686
AK122619Splice variant (Siglec8) gene56605087
AK091495Hypothetical protein56999876
LOC147650Hypothetical protein56888405
FLJ12644Hypothetical protein57084301
AK093512Hypothetical protein57259530
  • * The genes listed represent a subset of those that are known to be encoded in the indicated intervals.