Table 4

Phase I studies

Vascular targeting agentScheduleToxicityReference
CA4P18–90 mg/m2 q3 wksMinimal cumulative side effects. DLTsa were tumor pain, acute coronary syndrome and shortness of breath.Dowlati (123)
5–114 mg/m2 d1, 7, 14 q28 daysMost common toxicity was cardiovascular. DLTs included reversible ataxia, vasovagal syncope and motor neuropathy.Rustin (137)
Carboplatin with 27–45 mg/m2 CA4P d1 q21 daysMyelosuppression consistent with caroboplatin treatment. Also, fatigue, tumor pain, tingling in the extremities.Bilenker (138)
AVE80624.5–30 mg/m2 wklyAsymptomatic systolic hypotension.Tolcher (139)
ZD61265/7 mg/m2 wkly for 4 wksAdverse events included anemia, constipation, hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, fatigue, edema.Radema (136)
5–112 mg/m2 q3wksAdverse events included anorexia, constipation, dyspnea, fatigue, headache, nausea, pain, vomiting.Gadgeel (140)
DMXAA6–4900 mg/m2 q3wksDLTs were acute neurological (e.g., slurred speech, anxiety, visual disturbance).Jameson (142)
6–4900 mg/m2 wklyDLTs were neurological (urinary incontinence, visual disturbance, anxiety).Rustin (141)
  • a DLT, dose-limiting toxicity.