Table 2

Summary of molecular and biochemical data from SCLC surgical specimens

Molecular analysisBiochemical analysisImmunocytochemistry
Casec-Kit sequenceStem cell factorKIT phosphorylationKIT expressionParaffin (Dako)Paraffin (Santa Cruz)Frozen (Santa Cruz)
1wt+ndnd+ c+ c+ m
2wt/M541L++++ m+ cnd
3wt *++++ m+ c+ m
4wt *+ndnd+ m+ mnd
5wt *+++ c+ c+ m
6wt */M541L++++ c+ c+ m
7wt *ndnd+ m
8wt *+ndnd+ mnv+ m
9wt++ m+ c+ m
10wt *ndnd+ c+ c+ m
11wt *ndnd+ c+ cne
12wt *++++ m+ c+ m
13wt */M541L+++ c+ c+ m
  • Abbreviations: nd, not done; ne, not evaluable; wt, wild-type in all 21 exons and with alternative splicings of exons 9 and 15.

  • * , with the D745E substitution in exon 16; + c, cytoplasm reactivity; + m, membrane-associated reactivity.