Table 4

Diagnostic characteristics of biomarkers with cutoff points at maximum accuracy in differentiating high-grade and low-grade tumors

BiomarkerCutoff pointSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)Likelihood ratio*
Cho1.2578 (18/23)81 (35/43)80 (53/66)4.1
L1.1087 (20/23)88 (38/43)88 (58/66)7.3
Combined1.8096 (22/23)88 (38/43)91 (60/66)8.0
  • * Defined as sensitivity/(one-specificity). This represents the ratio of the likelihood of a positive test result for biomarkers (above cutoff point) in someone with high-grade tumor to the likelihood of that result in someone with a low-grade tumor.