Table 1

SIBLING expression and tumor staging

Spearman rank order correlationBSPOPNDMP1DSPP
Colon cancer*
 Spearman coefficient (rS)0.610.290.260.20
Rectal cancer*
 Spearman coefficient (rS)0.610.720.490.28
Lung cancer*
 Spearman coefficient (rS)0.700.70−0.180.77
Breast cancer
 Spearman coefficient (rS)0.620.380.370.47
  • * Spearman rank order correlation between mean SIBLING values and tumor stage. The Spearman coefficient value (rS) is an adjusted value (corrected for ties). Tumor stages for colon, rectal, and lung cancer were defined as stated in the Fig. 5<$REFLINK> legend.

  • Correlation between mean SIBLING values and breast tumor progression. Spearman rank order correlation was performed on breast tumor SIBLING expression levels grouped by TNM stage and ordered across increasing progression (T1N0M0, T2N0M0, T3N0M0, T1N1M0, T2N1M0, T3N1M0). Breast tumor T stages were defined as stated in the Fig. 6<$REFLINK> legend.