Table 1

Performance characteristics of SELDIa marker panels and CA19–9 in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer vs. normalPancreatic cancer vs. non-cancerPancreatic cancer vs. pancreatitis
SELDI IMAC F1c0.870.810.82
SELDI IMAC F1+CA19–9d0.920.840.83
SELDI WCX F1c0.960.820.82
SELDI WCX F1+CA19–9d0.990.870.85
SELDI WCX F6c0.970.780.87
SELDI WCX F6+CA19–9d0.980.810.87
B. Sensitivity and specificitye
SELDI WCX F1c0.780.97
SELDI WCX F1+CA19–9d0.620.89
SELDI WCX F6c0.840.69
  • a SELDI, surface-enhanced laser desorption and ionization; WCX, weak cation exchange; IMAC, immobilized metal affinity capture.

  • b Cutoff value of 70 units/ml.

  • c SELDI panels of 5 markers (IMAC, fraction 1), 2 markers (WCX, fraction 1), and 3 markers (WCX, fraction 6).

  • d Combined index derived by logistic regression of respective SELDI marker panel and CA19–9 in combination.

  • e The sensitivity of the SELDI marker panels was calculated to match the respective specificity of CA19–9.