Table 6

Second primary tumors (n = 27)

Site and histologyNo. of casesOutcome
Lung141 DUC, 1 NED, 12 DODa
 Squamous cell2
 Large cell1
 Small cell1
Esophagus31 NED, 2 DOD
 Squamous cell2
Head and neck2NED
 FOM, squamous cellb1
 Alveolar ridgec1
Breast adenocarcinoma21 NED, 1 DOD
Colon adenocarcinoma1DUC
Anal cloacogenic carcinoma1DUCd
Prostate adenocarcinoma1NED
Bladder transitional cell1DOD
Axillary lymphadenopathy, squamous celle1DOD
  • a DUC, death from unrelated cause; NED, no evidence of disease; DOD, dead of disease; FOM, floor of mouth.

  • b 5 years earlier the patient had an oral tongue cancer.

  • c Contralateral alveolar ridge cancer 2.5 years later.

  • d One patient who developed lung cancer and colon cancer died of lung cancer.

  • e The tumor was from an unknown primary and occurred 9.9 years after first primary tumor.