Table 3

Differential methylation in primary breast and its paired lymph node metastasis

Odds ratios (ORs) less than one indicate that lymph nodes (LNs) tend to have higher prevalence of methylation than the primary tumor. ORs are determined by McNemar’s test and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are calculated using exact method.

Primary +, LN −aPrimary −, LN +aMatched OR95% CIP
Cyclin D2 0100, 391.00
RAR-β 1110.01, 78.51.00
Twist 140.250.005, 2.530.38
RASSF1A 120.500.008, 9.601.00
HIN-1 180.1250.003, 0.930.04
  • a Number of samples methylated (+) or unmethylated (−) in primary breast carcinoma and its paired lymph node metastasis.