Table 3.

Patient outcome

No.Immune response to vaccineDiseaseMetastatic disease at study entryResponse to vaccination
Next therapyOutcome after next therapyDuration of response to first salvage after vaccine (mo)
1st staging2nd staging
1+RenalLiverSDSDNo further therapy, lesions continue to decrease24+*
5+OvarianLiver, bulky peritonealPDPDGemcitabineSD4
11+MyelomaBonePDThalidomide/dexamethasone, ASCTPR4→ABMT
14+ColorectalLymph nodeSDOxaliplatin/5-FUCR22+
15+ProstateLymph nodePDPDKetoconazolePR12
3ColorectalLiver, spleen, lymph nodePD*Capecitabine, 5-FU/OxaliplatinPDPD (died)
4OvarianLiver, pleuraSDPDGemcitabine, Taxol/Carboplatin, TopotecanPDPD (died)
6OvarianBulky peritonealPDPDSurgery, autologous tumor vaccineCR17+
7BreastLiver, boneSDPD*Doxil/PamidronatePDPD
8OvarianPeritonealPD*Died without therapy
9MyelomaBonePDRevimid, Pamidronate, Velcade, ASCTPDPD
10ColorectalThyroid, lungPD*Died without therapy
12NHLSkin, bone marrowPD*ICE, DHAP, Zevalin, ASCTPDPD
16OvarianLung, peritonealPDRadiotherapy, Topotecan, CisplatinPDPD (died)
17RenalLung, lymph nodePDDied without therapy
  • Abbreviations: SD, stable disease; PD, progressive disease. ASCT, autologous stem cell transplantation; 5-FU, 5-fluorouracil; ICE, ifosphamide, carboplatin, etoposide; DHAP, dexamethasone, cisplatin, cytarabine.

  • * Patients progressed before planned restaging at cycle 6 (see Table 2).

  • Patients progressed before planned restaging at cycle 12 (see Table 2).