Table 2.

Patient treatment history and response to 131I-huA33

Patient no.Adjuvant radiotherapyChemotherapy for metastatic diseaseOther treatment for metastatic diseaseSites of tumor at study entryTumor response to 131I-huA33
1yes5-FU, I, O, RRFA of liver metastases, huA33liver, lung, LNPD
3noIHA 5-FU, 5-FUresection of liver metastases, alcohol injection, huA33liver, lung, LN, sacrumPD
4noO/5-FU, I, Rliver, LN, presacralPD
5no5-FU, Iliver, lung, LNPD
6yes5-FU, Iliver, lung, LNSD
7no5-FU, Iresection of pelvic and left iliac fossa metastases, pelvic radiotherapyliver, lung, pelvic, LNSD
8yes5-FU, Iresection of liver metastasesliver, lung, LNPD
10no5-FU, Iright lung lower lobectomyliver, lungPD
11yesIHA 5-FU, I/5-FUliver, lungPD
12noIliver, abdominal wallPD
13noO/5-FUliver, lungPD
15noI,Olung, LN, ascitesPD
  • Abbreviations: I, irinotecan; O, oxaliplatin; R, raltitrexed; IHA, intrahepatic artery; RFA, radiofrequency ablation; sibrotuzumab, clinical trial monoclonal antibody; LN, lymph nodes; PD, progressive disease; SD, stable disease.