Table 1.

Published trials of megavoltage adjuvant radiotherapy for resected NSCLC

AuthorYear activen%NORT doseRT FxCordPbLatFldCO-60LR% (PORT/OBS)OS% (PORT/OBS)Comments
Israel (29)1973-19762306245-552-3.33NSNSNS12/21 (0.095)NDSecond randomization to chemotherapy/immunotherapy
Van Houtte (14)*1966-1975175100602.0YesYesAll4/19 (NS)NDDecreased survival for T2 patients with PORT
LCSG 773 (9)*1978-19852100501.8-2YesYesYes1/19 (0.001)NDOverall recurrence reduced for N2 with PORT
Debevic (21)*1988-1992740302.5-3NoYesNo16/28 (NS)ND
Lafitte (15)*1985-1991163100602.0YesYesYes15/19 (NS)NDTrend to reduced survival (0.08) with PORT
MRC (16)*1986-19933080402.6YesYesYes18/29 (NS)NDTrend toward reduced local relapse with PORT (0.07) for N2 patients. Reduced metastasis in N2 patients with PORT
Dautzenberg (28)*1986-199472840602-2.5YesYesYes22/28 (NS)30/43 (0.002; 5-y)5-Y intercurrent death increased with PORT (31% versus 8%)
Feng (30)*1982-19952960602.0YesYesYes13/33 (0.01)ND
Mayer (31)1985-19951552550-562.0YesNSNo6/24 (0.01)ND
Granone (32)1989-19979810050.41.8NoNoNo2/23 (0.039)67/58 (0.048; 5-y)CT-based planning with tissue heterogeneity corrections
  • Abbreviations: Fx, fraction size; OBS, observation; MRC, Medical Research Council; CordPb, spinal cord shielding; NS, not stated; n, number of eligible patients; LatFld, direct lateral field; ND, not different; RT, radiotherapy; CT, computed tomography; LR, local recurrence; OS, overall survival.

  • * Data included in PORT meta-analysis.