Table 4.

Criteria for CDH1 mutation testing modified to reflect current data

Modified testing criteria1. Family with two or more cases of gastric cancer, with at least one DGC diagnosed before the age of 50. (>30%)*
2. Family with multiple LBC with or without DGC in first-degree relatives (unknown)*
3. Isolated individual diagnosed with DGC at <35 y from a low-incidence population (>10%)*
4. Isolated personal history of both DGC and LBC (unknown)*
Potential additional criteria5. Family with three or more cases of gastric cancer diagnosed at any age one or more of which is a documented case of DGC; no other criteria met (such families are extremely rare)
6. Family with one or more cases of both DGC and signet ring colon cancer (this association is unproven)
  • * Percentage of expected positive results.