Table 1.

Antitumor activity was observed among animals treated with rituximab or the combination of rituximab and CC-4047

n = 15 mice per groupMedian survival, d (95% CI)
Placebo21 (20-22)
Rituximab38 (26-50)
Isotype20 (19-21)
CC404721 (21-21)
CC4047 + rituximab74 (70-78)
  • NOTE: The administration of CC-4047 for two consecutive days before each mAb dose resulted in a statistically significant enhancement in the biological activity of rituximab. The median survival of rituximab-treated lymphoma-bearing mice was only 38 days. On the other hand, after a follow-up period of 3 months, the median survival time for animals treated with rituximab in combination with CC-4047 was 74 days (log-rank test, P = 0.002).