Table 3.

Adjusted odds ratio for the joint effect on response of different covariates

Odds ratio (95% confidence interval)P
Odds ratio adjusted by covariates
    EGFR mutations17.1 (5.1-58.8)0.002
    EGFR mutations by sex (female)8.7 (2.2-34.6)0.0001
    EGFR mutations by smoking status (nonsmoker)37.4 (3.1-426)0.005
    EGFR mutations by no. prior chemotherapy regimens73.1 (7.6-462)0.005
    EGFR mutations by ethnicity61.7 (5.9-639)0.001
    EGFR mutations by age105.0 (11.4-981)0.00001
Crude odds ratio
    Sex (female)1.4 (0.6-3.4)0.4
    Smoking status (smoker)0.6 (0.4-0.8)0.001
    No. prior chemotherapy regimens0.7 (0.5-0.9)0.003
    Ethnicity (Asian)4.0 (1.7-9.2)0.001
    Age0.9 (0.98-0.99)0.008