Table 6.

Cox proportional hazard analyses in patients with no reported rash (erlotinib, n = 125; placebo, n = 203)

AnalysesHR (95% CI)P*
Treatment only (erlotinib versus placebo)1.852 (1.465-2.340)<0.0001
Prerandomization stratification factors (4)1.641 (1.290-2.088)<0.0001
Factors imbalanced between erlotinib and placebo (3)1.539 (1.200-1.974)0.0007
  • Abbreviations: CR, complete response; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease; PD, progressive disease.

  • * P value not adjusted for multiplicity.

  • Prior response (CR/PR versus SD/PD).

  • Factors imbalanced between erlotinib and placebo: baseline ECOG (0-1 versus 2-3), response to prior therapy (CR/PR versus SD/PD), and smoking history (yes versus no).