Table 1.

Class prediction analysis comparing histologic subtypes for ovarian and endometrial cancer including clear cell renal tumors

Compound covariate predictor (P)Diagonal linear discriminant analysis (P)1-Nearest neighbor (P)3-Nearest neighbors (P)Nearest centroid (P)Support vector machines (P)
Papillary serous93% (<5e−4)95% (<5e−4)97% (<5e−4)93% (<5e−4)93% (<5e−4)100% (<5e−4)
Endometrioid94% (<5e−4)94% (<5e−4)83% (0.006)83% (0.005)94% (0.001)94% (<5e−4)
Clear cell86% (0.024)79% (0.073)71% (0.206)71% (0.348)86% (0.017)79% (0.069)
Clear cell with renal*53% (0.701)53% (0.659)47% (1.0)
  • NOTE: Percentage of arrays correctly classified after leave-one-out cross-validation is indicated along with the cross-validated error rate P value.

  • * Only 1-nearest neighbor, 3-nearest neighbor, and nearest centroid predictors support the classification of more than two distinct classes.