Table 1.

The combination therapy with minodronate and/or docetaxel for human transitional cell carcinoma UMUC-14 cells growing in the tibia athymic nude mice

Tumor incidence (radiol/pathol)Tumor-free survivalEstimated tumor volume, median (range), cm3
CTRL98 (7/1)11.1487.0 (0.0-1,899.7)
TAX104 (3/1)60.0117.7 (0.0-502.4)
MINO105 (3/2)50.063.3 (0.0-384.7)§
MINO/TAX92 (0/2)77.80.0 (0.0-0.0)
  • Abbreviations: CTRL, control; TAX, docetaxel; MINO, minodronate; radiol, radiologically detected; pathol, pathologically detected.

  • * Groups of mice were given i.p. with control (PBS), docetaxel (10 mg/kg), or minodronate (0.3 mg/kg), once a week for 4 wks and harvested 38 days after implantation.

  • Number of mice in the treated group.

  • Estimated volume of bone tumor was calculated by three axes (X, Y, and Z) measured from radiograph as the formula of π/6XYZ.

  • § P < 0.05 against control (Mann-Whitney statistical comparison).

  • P < 0.05 against control (χ2 test).

  • P < 0.001 against control, P < 0.01 against single therapy with docetaxel, and P < 0.05 against single therapy with minodronate (Mann-Whitney statistical comparison).