Table 1.

Characteristics of the patients and the vaccines administered

Patient no. (study level)Gender/age (y)Stage (RAI)Previous treatmentVaccine CD40L expressionVaccine IL-2 secretionNo. vaccines
1 (1)Male/463Yes891,831.58
2 (1)Male/494No973,389.66
3 (1)Male/652No942,412.36
4 (2)Female/513Yes951,021.35
5 (2)Male/711No943,6045
6 (2)Male/554No691,616.63
7 (3)Female/632No92174.168
8 (3)Male/672No901,349.468
9 (3)Male/532Yes941,0066
  • NOTE: CD40L expression is reported as the percentage of CD40L+ cells gated on viable CD5+/CD19+ cells and IL-2 secretion is reported as pg/mL/106 leukemic cells measured at 72 hours after transduction.