Table 1.

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and NSCLC cell lines and their dasatinib IC50

Cell lineCell typeGenetic backgroundIC50 (nmol/L)
686LNHNSCC, lymph node, base tongue primaryWt p5330
Tu167HNSCC, floor of mouth primaryMutant p5350
MDA1986HNSCC, lymph node, base tongue primaryWt p5360
Tu159HNSCC, tongue primaryND90
JMARHNSCC, anoikis-resistant Tu167Mutant p53250
Tu686HNSCC, base tongue primaryMutant p53540
LN158HNSCC, lymph node from tonsil primaryND1,600
358BHNSCC, buccal mucosal tumorND2,100
H322NSCLC, adenocarcinomaMutant p53, wt K-ras, wt EGFR80
H460NSCLC, large cellWt p53, wt K-ras, wt EGFR1,800
H226NSCLC, squamous cellMutant p53, wt K-ras, wt EGFR10,000
A549NSCLC, adenocarcinomaWt p53, mutant K-ras, wt EGFR10,000
  • Abbreviations: ND, not determined; wt, wild type.