Table 1.

Frequency of VEGF-C overexpression in PTC, adjacent nontumorous, and benign thyroid tissues by Western blot analysis

Thyroid tissues*nOverexpression of VEGF-C protein (% positivity)
PTC tumor
    LN+2017 (85.0%)
    LN−1910 (52.6%)
PTC adjacent nontumor
    LN+206 (30.0%)
    LN−191 (5.3%)
Benign201 (5.0%)
  • * Tissues samples were obtained from benign nodular hyperplasia and PTC with or without lymph node (LN+, LN−) metastasis after thyroidectomy. The corresponding adjacent nontumorous tissues from contralateral lobes of PTC patients were also included.

  • Intensity of VEGF-C immunoreactive band at ∼43 kDa was >5-fold ratio compared with the baseline intensity (from pooled normal thyroid tissues, n = 10) as described in Materials and Methods.