Table 2.

Clinical characteristics of patients who responded to aminopterin therapy

Patient IDAge (y)SexRaceALL phenotypeInitial treatment regimenCondition on study entryCBC on study entry
WBC (×103/μL)Blasts (cells/μL)ANC (cells/μL)Hg (g/dL)Plts (×103/μL)
100111MAATPOG 9086First relapse; multiagent reinduction failure12903109.839
600412MWTCCG 1961First relapse; multiagent reinduction failure2.83601,29011.7232
10079FAATPOG 9404Induction failure; failed multiple salvage attempts1.808609.5191
601214MAApre-BCCG 1962Third relapse (first marrow relapse)1.702209.332
30028FWpre-BCCG 1922Fifth relapse (first marrow relapse)1.71,0005011.5138
100219MWTPOG 9086First relapse; multiagent reinduction failure2.91,10055010.350
601520MHpre-BDFCI 91-01First relapse; multiagent reinduction failure22.414,00022013.558
200161MWpre-BCALGB 8811First relapse; multiagent reinduction failure1.82002708.921
  • NOTE: Patients were enrolled in three strata: children with ALL, adults with ALL, and all those with AML.

    Abbreviations: AA, African American; W, White; H, Hispanic; Hg, hemoglobin; Plts, platelets.