Table 1.

Characteristics of 12 healthy donors and 8 CML, 6 AML, and 8 ALL patients

Healthy donorAge/Sex
BD1 Embedded Image30/M
BD2 Embedded Image45/M
BD3 Embedded Image18/M
BD4 Embedded Image48/M
BD5 Embedded Image30/M
BD6 Embedded Image19/F
BD7 Embedded Image37/M
BD8 Embedded Image31/M
BD9 Embedded Image25/F
BD10 Embedded Image38/M
BD11 Embedded Image57/M
BD12 Embedded Image43/F
Patient (UPN)
319 Embedded ImageCMLHU27/M
262 Embedded ImageCML-CPHU40/M
365 Embedded ImageCML-CPHU34/F
241 Embedded ImageCML-CPHU39/F
17 Embedded ImageCML-BCIFN-α, HU28/M
210 Embedded ImageCML-BCIFN-α, HU, Hyper-CVAD64/M
28 Embedded ImageCML-CPAra-c, IFN-α, HU59/M
402 Embedded ImageCML-CPHU31/M
No. responders = 5/8
350 Embedded ImageRAEBNone45/F
378 Embedded ImageRAEBTIda/ARA-C63/M
104 Embedded ImageAML-M2HD ARA-C34/F
370 Embedded ImageAML-M4Dauno/HD ARA-C28/F
97 Embedded ImageAML-M4HD ARA-C, Myelotarg53/F
389 Embedded ImageAML-M2 ADE, HDARA-C12/M
Total responders = 4/6
119 Embedded ImageB-ALLStandard ALL therapy16/F
449 Embedded ImageB-ALLStandard ALL therapy18/F
444 Embedded ImageB-ALL (2nd CR)Standard ALL therapy20/M
337 Embedded ImageB-ALLStandard ALL therapy24/F
245 Embedded ImageB-ALL (2nd CR)Standard ALL therapy + HD ARA-C29/M
274 Embedded ImagePh +ve ALLStandard ALL therapy36/F
002 Embedded ImageB-ALLStandard ALL therapy
001 Embedded ImageB-ALL (3rd CR)Standard ALL therapy12/M
Total responders = 0/8
  • Abbreviations: BD, blood donor; CML-CP, CML chronic phase; CML-BC, CML blast crisis; Ph +ve, Philadelphia positive; RAEB, refractory anemia with excess of blasts; RAEBT, refractory anemia with excess of blasts in transformation; HU, hydroxyurea; Hyper CVAD, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and dexamethasone; HD ARA-C, high-dose cytosine-arabinoside; Ida ARA-C, idarubicin, cytosinearabinoside; dauno, daunorubicin; ADE, cytosine-arabinoside, daunorubicin, and etoposide; standard ALL treatment, cyclophosphamide, daunorubicin, prednisone, asparaginase, vincristine; CR, complete remission.