Table 1

Characterisitics of 52 individuals at risk harboring preneoplastic lesions (preneoplastic lesions: squamous metaplasia, mild, moderate, and severe dysplasia) in the central airways at baseline bronchoscopic examinations

Total number of individuals52
Median age (y), (range)64 (42-78)
Smoking history
    Current smokers12
Median no. (range) of pack-years smoked39.5 (0-120)
Age (range) at smoking initiation19 (8-27)
Median no. years (range) after smoking cessation3.5 (1-39)
Medical history
    Group 1: at risk for lung cancer primary21
    Group 2: at risk for subsequent primary
    Past ENT cancer8
    Past lung cancer treated surgically11
    Past lung cancer treated bronchoscopically5
    ≥2 primaries: ENT-Lung; Lung-Lung7
Total no. of bronchoscopies237
Median no. (range) of bronchoscopies per subject4 (2-19)
Total no. of lesions (preneoplastic lesions) sampled longitudinally483
Median no. lesions (preneoplastic lesions) sampled per subject5 (2-61)