Table 3

CIs for cetuximab + chemotherapy

CIs of cetuximab + cisplatin in NSCLC cell lines
Cell lineCDDP (μmol/L)MFIAverage
Calu30.6 (IC50)8.90.030
H3220.3 (IC30)160.38
H2921 (IC40)210.68
H3580.3 (IC40)5.70.73
A5491 (IC30)140.85
H1570.4 (IC30)131.1
H5201 (IC30)01.2
CIs of cetuximab + paclitaxel in NSCLC cell lines
Cell line
P (μmol/L)
Calu310 (IC60)8.90.50
H2923 (IC70)210.63
A5498 (IC60)140.7
H3226 (IC60)160.71
H3583 (IC80)5.70.71
H5206 (IC70)00.92
H1574 (IC70)131.0
  • Abbreviations: CDDP, cisplatin; IC, inhibitory concentration; P, paclitaxel; IC, inhibitory concentration.