Table 1

Chromosomal regions with significant differences between BRCA1 and BRCA2 cases used to build the predictor (Fisher's exact test, not corrected for multiple testing, P < 0.05)

RegionsPercentage of affected tumors
BRCA1 (n = 15)BRCA2 (n = 13)BRCAX (n = 34)BRCA1 vs. BRCA2BRCA1 vs. BRCAXBRCA2 vs. BRCAX
8p11-12 Gain13.369.229.410.005NS0.020
12q11-21 Gain2076.941.180.006NS0.048
2p11-21 Loss030.78.80.042NSNS
15q22-26 Loss53.37.755.90.014NS0.003
18q Loss6015.455.90.020NS0.020