Table 2

Chromosomal regions with a significant difference between BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carriers used to build the predictor with recurrent and nonrecurrent mutations (Fisher's exact test, not corrected for multiple testing, P < 0.05)

RegionsPercentage of tumors affected
BRCA1 recurrent mutation (del185AG), n = 6BRCA1 non-recurrent mutation, n = 9BRCA2 recurrent mutation (3036delAAAC), n = 3BRCA2 non-recurrent mutation, n = 10BRCA1 recurrent mutation vs. BRCA1 nonrecurrent mutationBRCA2 recurrent mutation vs. BRCA2 nonrecurrent mutation
2q35-37 Gain50033.300.046NS
15q11-21 Gain0066.60NS0.038
14q11-23 Loss50033.3100.044NS
18q Loss16.688.90200.010NS