Table 1

Effects of AEE788 on tumor volume and body weight in nude mice bearing human cutaneous SCC xenografts

VariableTreatment group*
Control (n = 10)AEE788 (n = 10)
Tumor volume (mm3)
Body weight (g)
  • * Colo16 human cutaneous SCC cells (4 × 105) were injected s.c. into the flank of nude mice. Eleven days later, mice were randomized for treatment thrice weekly by oral gavage with either AEE788 (50 mg/kg) or the vehicle for AEE788 (control). All mice were killed on day 21 after the start of treatment.

  • P < 0.01 compared with control (Wilcoxon's rank sum test).

  • P < 0.05 compared with control (Wilcoxon's rank sum test).