Table 1.

Differential gene expression in nine esophageal adenocarcinomas and the Barrett's epithelium from which three of these cancers had arisen

Barrett's epithelia from which adenocarcinoma had arisen
Metaplasia (n = 1)Metaplasia (n = 1)High-grade dysplasia (n = 1)Arising within Barrett's epithelium (n = 3)Without identifiable Barrett's epithelium (n = 6)
No. genes underexpressed211328464459436
No. genes overexpressed7157129198379
  • NOTE: Gene expression in all specimens is compared with pooled reference Barrett's epithelium from six patients who had neither cancer nor dysplasia.

    To be counted as being underexpressed or overexpressed in adenocarcinoma, a change in gene expression needed to be found in all three cancers arising from Barrett's epithelium or in five of six cancers without identifiable Barrett's epithelium.