Table 3.

Logistic regression model defining independent variables associated with mutation of the p53 gene in patients with NSCLC

OR (95% CI)P*
Alcohol consumption (≥1 drink/d)3.26 (1.51-7.03)0.003
No. p53 codon 72 Pro alleles1.97 (1.14-3.40)0.01
Age0.97 (0.93-1.003)§0.07
Cell type
    Bronchoalveolar cancer0.28 (0.05-1.43)0.06
    Squamous cell cancer2.09 (0.94-4.63)
    Other NSCLC1.15 (0.32-4.16)
  • * Multiple logistic regression analysis.

  • OR for p53 mutations versus patients drinking <1 drink/d.

  • Trend test.

  • § OR for p53 mutations per year increase in patient age.

  • OR for p53 mutations versus patients with nonbronchoalveolar adenocarcinoma.

  • Other includes large cell, adenosquamous, and tumors classified as poorly differentiated NSCLC.