Table 1.

Association between TF expression and clinicopathologic variables

TF expression
Low TF (<25%, n = 63)
VariablesNegative TF (0%, n = 13)Weak TF (0%<, n = 50)High TF (≥25%, n = 50)P value (Low vs. High)
Age (y)
Extent of the primary tumor spread
Lymph node metastasis
Distant metastasis
    M1 (LYM)27190.0039*
    M1 (HEP)1110.9999
    M1 (PER)1020.5508
Histopathologic tumor grade
Lymphatic invasion
Vascular invasion
Perineural invasion
Growth pattern
    Expansive + intermediate93021
Surgical margin
  • * Significant.

  • LYM, lymphatic metastasis; HEP, hepatic metastasis; PER, peritoneal metastasis.

  • Classified according to the classification of Pancreatic Carcinoma of Japan Pancreas Society.